Types Of Injection Molding Technology

Types of injection molding

Every plastic part undergoes some or the Other kind of manufacturing process in order to attain a solid shape. The injection molding process is something that can help in manufacturing the solid components. We have different types injection molding process in place currently in the market. For example, the blow molding process is another type of procedure that helps in producing products with hollow areas.

The injection molding and blow molding procedure is combined and it is given the name of injection stretch blow molding. Injection molding and blow molding both of them are the main procedures of the plastic manufacturing industry. All the plastic products are made through these procedures including the toys, food packaging products, Automotive parts, medical devices, firearms and many others.


Different types of injection molding process includes-

  • Thin wall molding

The Thin wall molding insulin injection molding Technology helps in achieving a plastic part having a very slide wall. This technology is often used in tubes, current addresses,  electronics and enclosures. Plastic injection molders that are involved in the thin wall molding procedures are very carefully designed to ensure proper detailing. In order to eliminate the quality issues, several procedures are embraced.

  • Gas assisted injection molding

The plastic injection mold is commonly faces the problem of distortion after pulling down. To avoid such distortion we use gas assisted injection molding, this issue is eliminated straight away in the Inception. The gas is injected in the plastic material field injection mold. This helps the plastic towards the outside of the mold to have a smooth and finished appearance whereas the inside part stays absolutely Porus. This keeps away from any kind of distortion and defamation. Also , it reduces the cost of cooling.

  • Metallic injection

Plastic is not the only material that is used in the injection molding procedure. There are metal products used as well. The latest technology is slightly more expensive than the plastic injection molding procedure and serves a specific market. The cellphone market is the main example that uses the metal injection molding procedure for metal injection molding.

  • Liquid silicone injection molding

types of injection moulding

Most of the injection molding procedures include the introduction of cold mold materials into the extremely hot mold to give birth to the part. The procedure is most of the time used for thermoplastic injection molding and medical devices.

  • 3D printing

3D printing is another notable procedure that includes prototyping in the injection-molded part. The microphone is used to create a 3D printed prototype of the main part that is involved in the designing procedure. This allows the users to discover the potential improvements in a better depth. It should be noted that 3D printing is used in the actual injection mold with the help of the metal or the plastic. Currently, the available 3D printing Technology is not that usable and is being constantly updated.

Injection molding procedure has literally helped the manufacturing industries for over 40 years. It is a cutting edge innovation that brings a breakthrough in the production. The better the quality of the mold is, the better is the final output produced.

It goes without saying that there are several types of injection molding procedures. The overall process selected depends on the type of manufacturing procedure that needs to be undertaken. Further, Everything depends on the mold Opening, part volume, mold structure and the feeding system. Selecting the correct type of mold is a very crucial factor because that creates a direct impact on the product quality and the overall cost.


Quick glance on how injection molding works:

types of injection moulding

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