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Top 10 plastic injection molding companies in the world:

Note : This article neither intended to review companies nor to promote companies.We advise you to conduct your own research,when you are  choosing the companies to purchase any plastic injection moulding machinery.However we listed best check list to consider when purchasing injection molding machine.

The process of customizing plastic material in a way to use it for packaging and other general uses.It is known as plastic molding process. Here on this page we have included a list of best top plastic injection molding companies. These are best known for injection molding services.

Here is the list of best plastic injection molding companies:


The Arburg company created its first injection moulding machine during 1950s and became famous right there. Arburg is a brand name. It is  the best injection moulding machine manufacturers at global level.

Currently, the company operates in 33 locations throughout the world. It offers customers a variety of injection moulding machines.The products including  hybrid and cube moulds. Additionally, the brand offers distinctive packaging services and turnkey Systems at global level.

top 10 injection molding machine exporting companies

Arburg offer wide varieties of injection molding machines.

  • Hydraulic machines
  • Hybrid machines
  • Electric machines
  • Cube-mold machines
  • Vertical machines

2)Haitian International

Haitian International is undoubtedly a global Hero.It is best When it comes to producing the best quality hydraulic and electrical plastic moulding machines. Each and every step taken by the company focuses on Innovation and customer satisfaction.

The flexible plastic molding machines from the company continue to become popular because of their high level performance.

Haitian International unique product portfolio of injection molding machine covers whole range of plastics processing industry

top 10 companies exporting injection molding machines


Engel Operating in more than 9 locations throughout the globe.It should be considered on the list of top plastic injection molding companies.It is a brand that you can trust upon when it comes to choosing the best injection molding machines manufacturers

. The company offers electric and Hydraulic models at a very genuine price range. Working at a small scale, Engel grew as a global brand after providing valuable machinery to the customer. Currently, it is one of the biggest and the most reliable manufacturers of injection moulding machines.

Few products that Engel exports:

  • powerful dual-platen injection moulding machine
  • powerful dual-platen large-scale machine
  • compact vertical machine
  • tie-bar-less machine

4)Husky :

Husky has more than 4000 employees who are working in 40 different sales and service offices. It is the best injection molding machine company delivers unbeatable support to all its customers. With a nice range of goods produced, the brand is quite popular among best plastic injection molding companies

.It is leading supplier of injection molding equipment and services to the plastics industry.

Undoubtedly Husky Injection Molding Systems is the world’s popular brand name.It is best supplier of injection molding machinery and services to the plastics industry.

5)Sumitomo demag

After producing the single screw injection moulding machine long back in 1956, sumitomo became the first company to Cater the customer requirement in a different way.

The brand offers a wide range of injection molded machines that are both robotic and automated in nature.

Currently, sumitomo has more than 65000 machines operating worldwide and the expected number is sure to rise in future.

njection moulding companies

6)A and S mould and die Corporation

The company manufactures molded plastic fabrications. Most importantly to serve the Aerospace industry and consumer goods.That is to say,it covers all products in plastic molding industry. When it comes to purchasing a plastic molding machinery It is capable of fabrication and casting as well,. To sum up you can always go for a and S mould and die Corporation as a reliable company.

7)Kraussmaffei group

Kraussmaffei group most prominent manufacturers of injection moulding machines.In other words the brand is particularly referred when one requires the machine for reaction process machinery and plastic extrusion. Both hydraulic and electric injection molding machines are available at cost effective prices.

8)Milacron Holdings corp

The Global leaders and manufacturers in producing plastic molding injection has a business that operates internationally. Milacron holding Corp particularly operates in 3 specific divisions.That include advance plastic processing Technology, control system,melt delivery and fluid Technology.

9)Nissei plastic industrial company

The Japanese company is quite popular.It produces a wide scale of injection molding machines and their spare parts. The company divided as three segments.The brand operates through China, Japan and the United State of America.Each branch is dedicated to manufacture, sell and purchase the peripheral equipment specifically.

10)Ube industries,ltd

Ube industries,ltd discovered long back in 1897. The company is fundamentally a Japanese chemical based company.It produces plastics machinery, cement, battery materials and construction materials.

The brand has already created a wide variety of injection molding machines.These machines work with advanced technology and produce high quality results.There ore it got place  in list of best injection molding companies

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